Character creation


Not sure if i’ll grant any classes based on dnd 5.0 or remove it for background details

Barbarian,Bard,Fighter,Monk,Ranger,Rogue and whatever else i add would be the classes

Choose a DnD 5.9 Background or make it and get gms ok

Create 1-2 Backup characters(These will be npcs)

If a player makes an Unnatural decission that could be deemed destructiwe for the group on purpose(like a suicide taking on an enemy camp at in daylight alone without telling the others(gm ewaluation))
The Gm might decide there next character starts with a penalty in one oh their attributes(for instance his leg was injured in the latest battle and he suffer a -1 in dex either permanetly or tempoary.

1-6 d4 in each stat

Character creation

The Quest for Power Chain